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This Marine Mousse is a light and airy cream-suffle, based on two rose hydrosols (Rose Alba & Rose Centifolia) and miraculous extracts of Giant Sea Kelp & Centella Asiatica (aka Gotu Kola) that will make your skin not only hydrated, moisturized & smooth, but also nourish with useful vitamins & minerals. And the light scent of a white rose will fill your day with tenderness.


If you need a light moisturizer wich is not felt on the skin, then this Marine Mousse is for you.

This cream doesn't contain any essential or fragrance oils.


Suitable for dry, problematic and mature skin.


Glass container

Comes in two sizes: 1 oz (30 g) & 2 oz (60 g)

Marine Mousse with Green Caviar Oil, Giant Sea Kelp & Gotu Kola Extract

SKU: 0006